Bannermen Coming to Kickstarter!

August 4, 2017


We are super excited to announce that Bannermen is coming to Kickstarter this fall (preliminary date Sep 18). Since the community will play a crucial part of the outcome of this game, we believe it is important to build an active community as early as possible. Creating a decent playerbase at an early stage would help us a lot in the Bannermen development and the gameplay elaboration.


As a small indie studio, a successful Kickstarter campaign is one of the best way to get traction and to build a community that can help us form a great game. The money we hope to raise with our Kickstarter will solely go to the development of Bannermen and to cover expenses for early game tests and server hosting during beta periods.


So, how does a Kickstarter campaign work? Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where indie developers are able to share an idea or an ongoing project with the world, hoping that people will find it interesting and back it. When you back a Kickstarter project, you “donate” a certain sum to the project. However, depending on the donation size you get various rewards when the project is finished (for example, a copy of the game when released).


In the Bannermen Kickstarter you will be able to pre-order the full version of the game, get collectible items and early beta access. A detailed list of the rewards will be revealed soon before the campaign is launched.


We hope that you are as excited about this Kickstarter campaign as we are. We want to thank you for all the love we have been getting so far and we hope that you will continue to support the development of Bannermen. Together we can create an awesome game!


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