We want to thank all of you who have purchased the game! We are going to patch very frequently from now on so let us know what you think through Discord or in the Steam forum.

Please write a review if you enjoy the game. It really helps us to get more visibility and get more people interested in Bannermen.

Having unfair matches?

Right now, a lot of incredibly skilled players are playing with brand new rating, which gives an impression of that the game is impossible to get into. Fear not! We are going to tweak the matchmaking, but it will also sort itself out with more data (more matches). Try to play ranked and you will eventually be matched with fairer games. We want your thoughts here as well. Daily evaluations will be made from us to ensure a good matchmaking experience.

Coming up

Quick heads-up: Easy mode and Tactical Pause in campaign, stability issues and more are going to be added very soon! Expect frequent patches.