Now Alan will do a little bit more to help Berrian save him. We also fixed a bunch of issues which you might have encountered and that have been reported to us. Keep sending us bug reports and we will work on fixing them in an upcoming patch.

What is next? And what are we working on?

Currently we are focusing on stability, performance and bugs as our main tasks. We will keep you updated on what our focus will be in these patch notes moving forward.

Patch notes 1.0.2


- Fixed temple bug. - Fixed screen issue when panning and tabbing. - Fixed tactical pause bug in singleplayer skrimish.


- Fixed so that construction sound stops when building is destroyed. - Fixed camera issues in campaign. - Fixed camera start location on mission An Unexpected Outturn. - Fixed occasional crash on mission Attack on a Prince. - Fixed vision bug on mission A Midnight Heist. - Fixed aggro inconsistencies problems on mission A Midnight Heist. - Vaskleon Undergrounds; changed vision range visualizer to only affect patrols. - Vaskleon Undergrounds; changed enemy aggro range to 600. - Vaskleon Undergrounds; improved jester behaviour. - Made Alan contribute more to the defense in a Villagers Problem mission.


- Berrian movement speed on mission Battle of Beckron 250->280 - Footmen movement speed on mission Battle of Beckron 460-420 - Decreased turn speed for Giant Scorpion, 1500->500 - Changed health of palisades, 400->500