This patch contains a bunch of improvements when it comes to performance and stability in multiplayer games. Many balancing tweaks have also been made, with main purpose to make it a little easier to advance from tier one.

- Improved stability in multiplayer games.
- Improved performance.

- Removed restriction on the Chinese localisation package for reduced violence.
- Greedy Mercenaries; made mission a bit more challenging on hard.
- An Exourian Encounter; made mission a bit more challenging on hard.
- Fixed Worker’s team color when constructing Hero Throne.
- Made Alan more active on Shadows of War as well as making it harder on hard.

- Changed spawn setup; no Hero Throne, no Scouting Hound.
- Increased starting wood, 50->175
- Increased Gathering Base supply, 12->14
- Decreased Hero Throne construction time, 50->46
- Changed requirements for Blacksmith and Training Camp; House
- Decreased production time for heroes, 45->35
- Decreased Scouting Hound cost, 50->30
- Decreased Scouting Hound production time, 12->6
- Regular units no longer heal from cleared creep camps, 15->0
- Increased extra XP/Level that heroes drop when killed, 50->100
- Increased Hero Throne heal rate, 1->3
- Decreased Footman base damage, 14->13