We are happy to announce a big Bannermen update (v 1.1), coming April 5th! The update will contain brand new content, including 2 new units and a new skirmish map. Moreover, the update comes with great improvements in the campaign and skirmish AI, and will also make it possible to play co-op against skirmish AI. In addition to this, performance improvements and a bunch of polishing will be presented. A detailed list of all new content/features/changes will be communicated a few days before the update goes live.

Alongside the content update, we will arrange a big tournament, organised through the Bannermen Discord and casted on Twitch. The tournament will take place on Sunday, April 7th, and all Bannermen players are welcome to participate! Great prizes are to be expected! We plan to open a registration for the tournament sometime next week, and at this point the prize pool will be revealed.

You can already prepare yourself by joining our lovely community on Discord!