It is now time to register for the upcoming Bannermen Tournament, which will be held on Sunday, April 7th. We are thrilled to announce a prize pool of USD $500, which will be divided amongst the top-16 players (see detailed list below)! In addition, you will also have the chance to win exclusive Discord tags!

All Bannermen players are welcome to participate in the tournament, it's totally free. To register, simply follow the link and sign up on Challonge (if you don't have a Challonge account, you must create one, which is free and takes less than a minute).

The tournament will start on April 7th at 16:30 UTC+1 (10:30am EST), so before signing up, please make sure that you are able to play at this time. The registration will close at 10:00 UTC+1, Saturday April 6th, and max numbers of participants are 96. Our ambition is that all participants shall be entitled to at least 2 games in the tournament, meaning you will have a second chance even if you lose your first match. Exactly how the bracket will be formed depends on the number of participants, and is decided shortly after the registration is closed (the bracket displayed on Challonge right now is only a preview and will change).

The matches in the tournament will be organised through our Discord, so if you haven't already, be sure to join our lovely community here!

Lastly, the tournament will be hosted on our Twitch channel, and casted by Nakamura_RTS and G0hst.

Prize pool: USD $500 + Exclusive Discord tags
- 1st: $180 + Champion tag
- 2nd: $110 + Lord tag
- 3rd: $70 + Lord tag
- 4th: $40 + Lord tag
- 5th-8th: $15 + Knight tag
- 9th-16th: $5 + Knight tag
- 17th-32nd: Footman tag