Patch 1.1.0 is coming April 5th!

What is in the update?
- New King's Court unit, Vanguard.
- New Workshop unit, Ballista.
- New 2vs2 map available in Skirmish and multiplayer.
- Bug fixes, primarily concerning hotkey bindings.

Ballista The ballista is used to take down units at great distance from the rear.

A heavy range unit with unbeatable attack range. The Ballista has a special ability (which needs to be activated manually on an enemy unit) that fires away an arrow missile with a chain attached to the Ballista. When the enemy unit has been hit, the Ballista pulls the unit close. This ability can be very useful against heavy armored range enemies, such as Catapults. Ballistas are produced in the Workshop building.

Vanguard The vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation.

A melee unit with great attack range thanks to his long halberd. His standard attack does not only deal decent damage, it also pushes the targeted enemy unit away from the Vanguard. Vanguards are especially useful against heavy melee units, such as Knights. Vanguards are produced in the King's Court building.