Wow, what a magnificent weekend it was! The first official Bannermen Tournament went off on Sunday April 7th, with a prize pool of $500 USD.

After an impressive winning streak of 6 matches, Serbian player Beastyqt was crowned the winner. He defeated Swedish player Numudan both in the semifinals (3-2) and the grand final (3-1), after Numudan's loser-bracket victory against Austrian player Scarfs (3-0). German player Auni placed himself 4th, after defeating respectable players such as SquidFighter on the way. Full results can be found here.

A big thanks to our Twitch casters Nakamura and G0hst who hosted the tournament in a brilliant way! You can still watch the broadcasts here (Nakamura) and here (G0hst).

Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope to have more tournaments like this in the future!

/Team Bannermen